Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gratitude ......

I have so much to be thankful for and when I think about it, I can be a tad emotional.  I have finally given myself permission to just dance, dance and dance like there is no one watching.  You will hear this from me a lot this year, because I want to.  Every year I want to do things and I don't or can't because life gets in my way....not this year if I can help it. Now to share a few things that I definitely am grateful to be able to claim:

my job and all that it entails;

my sister-girlfriend who was having a medical event today (of course we thought it was a bit more than that) I drove her to the hospital, sat and waited until she was cleared and armed with meds and then delivered her home - with a sigh of relief and giving MANY THANKS that all will be fine as soon as she gets the Valium and muscle meds in her system.  25 years later and we still watch each others back - aging is not always beautiful;

my other sister girlfriend who gave me reason to pause while she was here visiting from Ghana.  Sharing stories of post-High school adventures and life lessons and missions - what a reality check for both of us and a re-bonding of kindred spirits.  30+ years later and Prayerfully we will never lose touch again;

my Aminia  who is always there to greet me after a good day or a bad day, after a happy moment or a tearful moment.  She waits up with me, as I read and write until the wee hours of the night and when it is her bedtime, no matter what I am doing, she will come and nudge me as if to say "Bedtime mommy"......or "you finally made a space for me on the office floor with a small heater for my achy hips".  Aminia also follows me around in the garden, to be sure I do not over do it or forget about her......more than likely it is the latter...she always knows the RIGHT time for a rub/hug;

blogging - the ability to have found a way to have a voice, share and write and dance.....such a freeing and motivating thing to be able to do, with total abandon..

I could go on with a few dozen other things, but for today, I just had to get these thoughts out of my head so I could perhaps rest well knowing that it is such a terrific way to feel.  This gratitude thing could be, should be contagious.......it is such a beautiful thing to have gratitude each and everyday.

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