Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pansies In Winter - You Can Grow That!

Most people do not wander outside during the winter months.  However, the best way to make a special effort in enjoying the winter months is to plant violaceae or what is commonly known as pansies.  Although known as an annual to some, it is a hardy annual to most folks between zones 5 - 10.  Usually clump forming winter color injectors, I find pansies to be the perfect pant for winter color that shares happy thoughts from fall to spring.

While there are many new cultivars of pansies from clumpers to spreaders, usually they range from 6 - 8 inches in height and spread between 8 - 12 inches.  Continually picking the finished blooms at the base of the stem, will lengthen the bloom time and also increase bud set.  Useful as container plant or fillers within the garden, it is easy to fill in these same areas with summer annuals or as a marker to share where newly planted bulbs will greet spring. Sun to part shade brings out the best in pansies no matter how you use them. From ruffled edges to blotchy faces to antique shades, planted 6 - 8 inches apart pansies create a winter smile, while other plants wait in the wings to share their beauty. Don't be surprised it they look a little limp and flat mid winter or during cold spells.  With a little heat from the sun, pansies tend to bounce back and with a little extra pinching, the foliage does as well.  I usually fertilize mine with liquid Kelp until the ground freezes and by spring, I have what I consider the healthiest and most bloomalicious pansies around.

Whether you have pansies for small bouquets, for candies flowers to be used as decorations for baked goodies.....Violaceae or can grow them!!

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