Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sign #4 of the Spring Tease.....at least for me

Focus is not a word that I can use of late. I am embarrassed by this.  Why?  I patiently try to await the formal date of Springs  (March 20, 2014) arrival and I have found myself doing things I normally would not do.  Things that are actually quite ...well....embarrassing for me as an avid gardener. I actually did something this year I would not normally do and always said NOT ME....NEVER!!!.

I was under the weather after returning from New Orleans - so I could say that I was not thinking clearly - and had to pick up some cough and cold meds.   Well as much as I tried, I just had to see what was in stock for Spring 2014, so early in January.  This unpredictable weather has me going through soil withdrawal, seed shakes and catalog red eye.  I almost want to get  manicure....but those who know me, KNOW that I do not get manicures because I garden...as often as possible....daily if I can find a way.  I walked past this particular item three times, tried unsuccessfully to reason in my mind to just leave it there and then  just could not resist.  Before I knew it, I was sitting in my truck, heading home, coughing up a storm but I had something that would potentially get me through. I am almost too embarrassed to share this...but when I read the directions, used the warm water and that earthly scent tickled my nose, I knew,,,,,I did the right thing. I had done something that would get me through the next Polar Vortex and if I took care of it, would get me over the hump of the winter of 2014.   This could potentially be my first Senior Moment......

I boldly followed the directions, put it in a bright, warm but indiscreet place (so if my friends came by they would not go - OH NO SHE DIDN'T....in shame,.  I just knew they would think I had lost my mind, that gardening had become my obsession, my drug of choice, the thought/act that is always on my mind and lingers on my tongue GARDENING.....but as of today I do not care.  For today, my "secret" made me so proud and I will no longer keep it in that discrete positioning behind the forced forsythia branches, I will put it in the forefront for all the world to see.  Today my $5.00 garden said "Hello".

I am so overjoyed that in spite of the weather....yep, right now we are getting a dusting of 1-2 inches of snow that will surely affect rush hour in the morning.  It does not matter to me however, I can rush home to my seedlings and see how much they grow tomorrow and the next day and the next day until Spring.  It is time and to check your when to start what seedling listings and see what you can start now to get you through the rest of the winter or as I like to say - until the official arrival of Spring.  Not that I am counting but it will be 50 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes, 20- seconds......just saying.........................

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