Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sleepless in Spring

Every year we patiently await Spring.  I know, by February you are bound to be tired of hearing Spring this...Spring that......well not me.  Why because there are too many things to do in the Springtime and not enough hours to get everything done or to see everything offered.  However choosing the right thing to go to can be a challenge. Other than the PHS Flower Show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there are so many relatively local events to discover as well. Here are a few offerings I am interested  in attending.

The Horticultural Society of Maryland and The Perennial Plant Association are offering a day long seminar PERENNIALLY INSPIRED, featuring five experts on perennials, of course. I personally am excited abut seeing Sandy McDougle of Sandy's Plants in Mechanicsburg, VA.   I met Sandy years ago while working in Fredericksburg,Virginia and attending the Horticultural Conference in Virginia Beach, VA.  She gave a talk about perennials and invited the attendees of her speech to the nursery - Sandy's Rare and Unusual Plants.  I remember seeing how organized it was and she could remember exactly where each and every plant was and could tell me if she had enough  in stock for purchase.  I was and still am in awe of this plantswoman.   Other speakers for this event are Sandy Clinton of Clinton & Associates, Claudia West - Landscape Architect, Tom Mannion - Tom Mannion Landscape Design.  Also attending and imparting information will be Nancy and Pierre  Moitrier, Designs for Greener Gardens. The date and time for this event is Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 8:45 am - 4:00 pm  check out their website: There is a fee for this event...but I feel it is worth it!!  I am really excited about this.....I will make time for this!!!

Almost every year, I try to make sure I can make it to the Ladew Topiary Gardens Spring Festival in Baltimore County.  After enjoying walking through these elegant gardens, imagining the Golden Age of garden parties, enjoying some specialty food items and exploring the gift shop - TRUST ME - you will not be able to escape some of Maryland's finest vendors of awesome plant material.  It is usually the first weekend in May, check their website in February when the details will be outlined.  In the meantime, there are other programs offered at Ladew Topiary Gardens from Nature Stories, Maple Magic to My Ladies Manor Steeplechase Races.  In the summertime, there is a Summer Concert Series which is a must go to event at least once.  You will be seriously impressed with the acoustics and the peacefully serene setting..You have got to see the tea house.  I will not spoil this treat for you, so check out their website: just might see you there!!!

Clyburn Arboretum also has an Annual Market Day.  It starts this year on Friday May 9th ($) and continues on Saturday, May 10th (free).  I went last year and met the nicest ladies who had recently dug tulip bulbs to share and sell from the gardens there.  Yes I obtained a few bagfuls and they invited me to dig with them this year.....I will certainly have to check the dates they will be digging.  They seemed like a fun most passionate gardeners are! If you visit this awesome place, go to the peony garden.....breathless....I just could not catch my breath as the blooms were just outstanding!!!

 I won't even begin to explain the arboretum....but AWESOME....I TELL YOU AWESOME!!  Did I mention they have a plant sale as well??? The Baltimore City Master Gardeners, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks in addition to local groups and garden clubs all grow plants for sale at this event.    Clyburn won "Best of Baltimore Natural Art and deservedly so.....  Check out their website and visit as Spring approaches:

Since I am very familiar with Virginia Garden Week, I wondered if  Maryland offered a similar experience.  I worked and lived in Virginia for so many years, I am most familiar with the garden events south of Maryland at Lewis Ginter and Maymont as well as Richmond and all points in between.  Now I am trying to familiarize myself with Maryland homes an gardens and all that they have to offer. Much to my surprise there is The Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage.  Formed in 1930, MHGP is dedicated to preserving and restoring architecturally significant properties in the State of Maryland. It is almost like Maryland Garden week.  Spanning from Saturday, April 26th to Saturday, May 31, 2014, different counties have different days to show off their beauty.  Anne Arundle, Queen Ann, Baltimore City (Guilford), Somerset & Worcester and Charles County are represented at this event.  Usually lunch is offered for a fee and I understand, it is scrumptious!!!.  Closer to the date, a detailed  listing of the homes, their age, their history and most importantly their gardens will be posted.  While most of these would make it an all day event, grab a garden buddy and support these historic homes and gardens.  Of course, check out their website for more details:

I love to go to the familiar garden events locally and also, go to events outside our region.  This allows me to to explore as many available possibilities of multiple horticultural fantasies.  It excites my mind and revives my spirit....and usually there is some pretty good shopping too!!!

Now I could get myself in a lot of trouble trying to list each and every garden tour festival, etc for every neighborhood in DC/MD/VA....but I trust that each of you read Washington Gardener Magazine.  WG Magazine and Kathy Jentz are THE  resources for all things pertaining to gardening in the DMV/Mid - Atlantic region.. If you are  not a subscriber, I must ask......WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? I bet you also missed the seed exchange!!! Explore her website:
From garden trips, book club, lectures, events to seed exchanges - Kathy provides as much as possible for the Mid-Atlantic passionate gardener.

Off to dream about gardens, gardener and all things beautiful......

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