Friday, February 21, 2014

February Friday

It is such a gray day...but I am feeling the garden spirit reaching into my soul.  It is reaching deep as I try to understand that every year we go through this end of winter thaw, the snow expectations, the constant looking at my garden trying to see what breaks ground first.  Trying to not overwhelm myself with all the things I read, but absorb these new things and share with others. 

Sharing the love of gardening is what I do.  Connecting others with the earth is just one of the things I am passionate about.  Finding all things beautiful in the midst of the storm is something I have done all my life.  As the weathermen and women predict a strong storm front with heavy winds and blah, blah, blah........I am thinking to myself.....hmmm....this will help all of the now greig snow disappear just in time for me to perhaps plant some perennial sweet peas to use in floral arrangements this Spring.  A simple gift of love for a friend who has a wedding in a month or so.  The beauty of adding something homegrown with Love to be a part of her day .....that is just awesome to me.  I just might go to the grocery store and buy a bouquet of flowers to see how many bouquets I can make (Thanks Washington Gardener for sharing how to do this with the garden community).

There are so many yhings I can think of to do on a day like this.....but I am choosing to just be excited about winter drawing to an end and The Philadelphia Flower Show just aound the corner.......Enjoy the day!

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