Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seek and ye shall find art in the garden......locally if you just know where to look...

I am certain that many a gardener went to the Philadelphia Flower Show in March.  The theme was Articulture. It was an awesome show and being there brought back memories of other gardens I have visited abroad as well as in other parts of the United States.

I laugh as I write this because I would never have imagined that I - plain and simple Teri - would ever have been able to say that I had traveled to see gardens that are on my wish list. This list continues to grow, but in the meantime there are closer gardens of note to visit....and some of them even have art. Ever heard of Annmarie Sculpture Garden located near beautiful Solomon's, Maryland???  Thirty acres purchased as an investment by Mr. Francis Koenig, named after is wife, Annemarie is one of the local places of beauty in Calvert County. This is what I like to call one of those under known places of peace.  With a 1/4 of a mile serene walk that allows one to see sculpture on loan from notable Institutions such as the Smithsonian and The National Gallery of Art, to name a few.  One of my favorite areas in this garden is called The Women's Walk.  There are benches throughout The Women's Walk that invite pausing and reflecting on what it means to be a woman or even women who have affected our lives....like our Mother's.  In addition to the art in the garden, Annemarie's also offers classes such as dance, pottery, festivals, a gft shop and so much more.  Annmarie's Sculpture Garden and Arts Center is worth the visit especially this time of the year as Spring wakes up the earth. www.annemariegarden.org

In Monkton, Maryland there is also a wonderful garden called Ladew Topiary Garden.  Every Spring there is a wonderful festival held there that celebrates the welcoming of a fresh new season.  Mr.Harvey Ladew was a socialite and was known as an excellent huntsman.  What I find most phenomenal is that he was a self taught gardener,,,,that speaks volumes to me.  This garden has been named as one of the top 5 gardens in North America..........that high honor goes to a garden that was created from a mere visionary. Very accessible and certainly a day trip, this is a delightful place to visit.  One of my favorite spots on the grounds of this 250 acre estate is the tea house.  It overlooks a beautiful shade garden that has an exquisite water feature.  If you are looking for somewhere to go whether it be simply for the topiary or the concerts at dusk or a children's program, I highly recommend Ladew Topiary Gardens.   www.ladewgardens.com

These are two examples that are simply delightful however I cannot forget my favorite spot within the DC limits - The United States Botanic Garden. The theme on the wall along Pennsylvania Avenue is Amber Waves of Grain.  I know that they simply cannot be talking about my boyfriend, Nasella Teunissima but he does kind of light up the hell strip and waves at me religiously as I drive by in the morning.

 The USBG always has art accompanying the horticultural displays throughout the grounds.  A perfect way to spend a day or an afternoon. Programming ranges from lectures on growing food, trees to lunchtime tours. www.usbg.gov

Look for art in the gardens that surround you, as you find the beauty that surrounds all of us everyday!

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