Friday, August 8, 2014



A new initiative to reinvigorate Branch Avenue at Naylor Road and the St. Barnabas Road Commercial Corridor...............a program of the Maryland SBTDC

Most people who know me realize quite quickly that I am dedicated to community building, beautification efforts, supporting local business and sharing useful information.  I happened upon something right in my back yard (so to speak) that speaks to these principles which I am passionate about. 

In 2012, the first Branch Avenue Day proved to be the spark that lit the surrounding communities along the St. Barnabas Road corridor into action.  Providing the residents with a farmer's market, beautification efforts and maintaining a safe environment, Branch Avenue In Bloom project is continually working to build the community.  From the Marlow Heights Shopping Center to Sam's Car Wash, including Iverson Mall and River of Life Church - these Community Building Businesses have joined forces to make this a weekend of gathering great fresh produce, collecting school supplies and spending local dollars where they are needed most - LOCALLY.

Mr. Fleming Thomas , Market Manager, could not hide the excitement in his voice while sharing with me that Dusty Harrison (a boxer with a winning record of 23 - 0) would be on hand to sign autographs,  as well as music, give aways and of course an awesome Farmer's Market.  The local Fire Department will have information as well as some of the local government agencies.  Just think one could start out by visiting the Market, seeing exactly what the offerings are for local produce available for purchase, grab a free backpack, collect school supplies that will be given out from the local businesses,  patronize some of the food sources and end the day by attending a Church service....all in your own community!!!

According to Jennifer Funn, Program Coordinator of Branch Avenue In Bloom, 60 cents of every dollar spent in the community goes back into the community. This means that the more we spend in our community, the more jobs it will provide by attracting more businesses to share in the business of Community Building.  What a win win for everybody!!

This wonderful day filled with fun starts at 9:00 am and goes on until 4.  The second part of this wonderful day begins at River of Life Church and continues on until 8:00 pm.  Join the celebration of Branch Avenue Day.......I can't wait to speak to Mr. Fleming about the Urban Farm.............

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