Thursday, August 7, 2014

Building a Community....On Purpose

With all of the emphasis on community building and community gardens that provide enthusiastic conversation, I found one community garden that has a personal purpose of giving back, teaching and creating a vibrant, thriving community.


The Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden in Columbus, Ohio and is a thoughtful memorial to the late husband of Paula Penn-Nabrit.  This 60 foot Organic garden was created to build a sustainable community that would teach others how to grow, share in the fruits of their labor and the skill of preparing the harvest with those less fortunate.  Community building from a woman who teaches and believes in the spirit of the virtuous woman (Proverbs 31), a CAN DO ATTITUDE and she has done it with her community!!!.  

Partnering with Telos Training, Inc., a 501(3)(c)  and The Church of The Apostolic Faith, the ground work was laid with land and of course the seeds to grow on the land.  This project was enthusiastically started in May of this year and even with a short season, they have lush plants growing and recently had a harvest party on-site. The plans detail how the garden is laid out and the selected plant material that was chosen.   The vision and passion of this African American Organic Garden are clearly demonstrated and shared with all, by visiting the facebook page or the website.  You can see the future plans developed by this awesome woman and how important this effort is.  What an awesome experience this garden has brought to this community in such a short time!!  Their sons and other volunteers have given of their time to make Mrs. Nabrit's vision become a THAT speaks to community!

So far with awesome support from local organizations and now with an indiegogo campaign, the gardens are thriving, but still need some additional funding.  The funding is needed for fencing, lights, sand, gravel, trenching, rain barrels, composter, a garden cart just to name a few things.  The anticipated costs - $10,000.00.  As gardeners, we know how things add up and  in order for this garden that gives back to the community to grow, financial help would really be a great way to end this Zone 5 Organic effort.

An indiegogo campaign is ongoing until the end of September to help Mrs. Nabrit and her sons make this garden grow. What a wonderful way to honor her beloved.   Can you help???  Look into Telos Training, Inc, to see how the fruits of this labor of love will help in teaching how to harvest/prepare/store produce and it will also feed the less fortunate in this economically depressed food desert.  More importantly check out the indiegogo campaign to see how you can be a part of this effort from afar...

I donated and  bet you can as well.....Building is a terrific thing!!!

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