Sunday, August 31, 2014

Native Flora in District Heights, Maryland.....noticing the beauty that surrounds us...

I love to walk early in the morning.  At this  the year there are so many wonderful sights, smells and sounds that go unnoticed in the course of our busyness.  This Saturday morning I had to make a little more time to pause while walking the dog, because it was certainly a pause worthy moment.

As I approached the woods line on District Heights Parkway, an aroma that certainly speaks to the changing of the seasons wafted up Mason Street. It was the unmistakable fragrance of Sweet Autumn Clematis, draped across other natives like a white fluffy, fragrant robe.  Popping through like exclamation points throughout was another autumnal standby, Evening primrose.

Evening Primrose (Oenethera biennis)

If I was not an avid gardener/plantaholic or simple nature lover, I would never have noticed these plants along this well traveled street.  Another jewel in our crown of naturalness, were the yellow draping blooms of Solidago (goldenrod) and the upright white Boltonia.  Most likely, we can all identify  these plants, but there are some of the lesser known subshrubs and plants like 

White blooming Sumac....a bee worthy shrub with a phenomenal bloom.....

Joe Pye Weed, which is now a hot item for the home garden to increase the pollinator population's of butterfly's and bees....

I also noticed this Pickerel patch...right here in our own backyard!!!  Imagine the possibilities of our positive environmental footprint if we encouraged native plantings that bring life and light into our gardens?

Do you have a corner in your garden that you allow to go natural?  Do you plant pollinators that encourage butterfly's and bees into your world???  Do you rush by nature instead of immersing yourself into observing the beauty that surrounds you??? Share your pictures and experiences of what you notice as our seasons changes and we make time to pause and admire the beauty that surrounds us......RIGHT IN OUR OWN BACKYARD!!!!

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  1. Lucky you to be surrounded by such serene beauty.


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