Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost April......

All the local garden centers are waiting.  Waiting for the weather to cooperate and give us the warm weather that we were teased with a few weeks ago.  Alas.....it is not time yet.  Not time for the basil seedling's to set their roots in the soil outside,  Not time for the impatiens to brighten up that shady nook.  However it is time to order or purchase those last minute seeds.  Most seeds require 6-8 weeks to sprout and get strong enough to handle the outdoor elements.  So let's see NOW is the time to get started.  Generally, annual plantings should not take place until after the last frost date.  Using Mother's Day weekend as a safe date to plant to your hearts content, there is still time to get plants started indoors. Renee's seeds is offering a discount if you order seeds prior to the end of the month.   Good seed from a passionate gardener and I have never had germination issues when I have used them in the past.  Renee Shepard Seeds..........that is a Teri Pick for sure!!

I am on a nursery prowl to find the friendliest and exciting nursery in the DC Metro area........stay tuned

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