Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Showers......April Flowers

I know you have heard similar phrases before...March usher's in April showers to bring the awesome flowers in May.  Well let me tell ya...the daffodils are waving their heads amongst the vinca, gracing the feet of the large oak tree that stands guard over my cottage in the court.  The chilly rains have caused the pansies to settle in and prepare to be the stars of the garden as the other plants awaken from their winter's rest.  I see the Camellia's and Magnolia Stellata unfurling their blooms beckoning the Yoshino Cherry tree to join in the awakening of the season.

What a colorful show that performs and changes with each breaking day.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring??

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  1. Love it!! Make me think about how I need to be in my yard now planting flowers! My favs are Pansies!! They have always made my day since I was a little girl. I reminisce about when I used to live in Spain and would beg my mother to buy pansies so that our gardener Gorge would plant them!! Flower brighten my day whether they are in a tall vase, at the entrance of a neighborhood or growing along the roadside! Enjoying Life!!


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