Thursday, April 7, 2011

Low Country Groove

Well the South Carolina adventure has begun.  Started out in my typical manner of making the wrong turn or today it was getting on the wrong bus.  Well fortunately it was the Million Dollar Tour bus and I had a blast.  I met a man whose sister was the first Black Cashier in the State of South Carolina.  You could feel his pride and even though he was aged and a tad hunched over from years of hard work, he was more than happy to share that he was on his way over to his sister's house to help her with some work.  Family, always a sure thing!!!

FREE THE AZALEAS!!!  WASHINGTONIANS - stop pruning your azaleas into obscene shapes!!!  I witnessed some of the most beautiful azaleas, allowed to grow naturally, un-pruned and planted in part shade like they are supposed to be!!! It was amazing and simply a beautiful sight to see!!!  What is strange is to see Palm trees, Iron plant, fully leafed out Crepe Myrtles and azaleas in the same town at this time of the year....simply amazing!!!

Back to the bus ride, it was the Rt. 31 and the Bus driver was careful to point out these white little houses along a tree lined drive dripping with moss and a very large house at the end of the lane.  They were original slave cottages with the massa's house at the end of the lane.  Kept in very good condition, she informed me that the landowners MUST keep them up and never tear them down.  What a way to show what WAS the South.

Well, tomorrow is the King Street Tour of historic homes and gardens.....after an early morning shopping workout in Historic Downtown Charleston of course............ I can't wait!!!!

To be continued.............

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