Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day before I departed ...............

This is me the day before I departed on this journey.  So much was going on in my head.  To finally begin to really write about my journey, about gardening and life........such an opportunity.  I had to take a moment to back track,  On the plane I met a gentleman from Upper Marlboro whose wife grows Asian Pear Trees.  We touched on many topics from Fire Blight to Organic Gardening to how the economics of the country have affected folks.  Such wonderful conversation with what began as a stranger and ended up practically being a neighbor.  Hank, I look forward to meeting you again in our own neck if the woods.  Perhaps we can really set in motion some of the wonderful ideas we discussed. 

Just think, if people actually started to communicate again - even with those who start out as strangers, imagine what the world would become again????  I grew up talking with the neighbors over the fence, walking and  playing in the alley.  People are rushing through life and missing some of the most important basics - communication.  Give it a try next time you are on the bus, train or is a liberating experience.

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