Thursday, May 10, 2012

District Heights...Gardening and Community

I am the proud gardener of a plot in my Community Garden.  Most folks would say....big whoop.  However this is a big deal to me.  I was one of the Founding Farmers for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Group in Southern Stafford County, Virginia on the Eitt Farm.  This was in my other life where I was a homemaker and Proud Mom and Master Gardener in Fredericksburg, Virginia.    Now I am a single, working Mom of two adult girls and two very precious grandsons and of course, the world's most beautiful Rottweiler, Aminia.  While my yard is very much a cottage garden, an eclectic mix of all the plants that I love, I wanted to farm again and eat from the land, share hints and tips and more importantly, commune with my neighbors.  So I reserved an 8X4 plot in the District Heights Community Garden.  I am so pumped it is not funny!!!!

Now I could not just put any type of tomato in my plot.  I had to put in some special tomato's, something that would be a little different.  I visited the plant sale at the National Arboretum, where I picked up some memorable tomato plants...among other things.  I purchased some organic plants from a local vendor from Annapolis - Nearly Organic.  I purchased a few rare finds, a blue tomato, a speckled blue and white tomato, a jewel toned tomato - all heirloom tomato plants and of course some organic sweet basil and my favorite Sweet Banana Peppers.  I plan to add some cut flower seed's this weekend to add some color and to complement those who pass by the garden (as well as to enhance the vases at my house....I will share however),  Here are a few pictures of the garden and a photo of my plot 3/4 of the way planted .........

For my fellow organic I did  not use the bagged Organic Garden soil.  I used compost from my compost piles at my house.  I gave a talk to my co-workers  during Earth Week and I bought in some compost from my pile just before leaving for work.  I put it in a recycled candy tub once reaching the office and set it aside.   I noticed that the container looked as if it were sweating from it was having a hot flash.  Well, that is what I call Teri's Live Slo Compost.......I gather garden waste, I dump it in a pile leaving a little dirt to activate my greens and browns, get busy enjoying life and working with my clients,,,,,fast forward six months or a year later and I have the prettiest compost I have ever seen.  I do not use chemicals or manufactured fertilizers in my garden, therefore I know what is in my compost and I know that is is alive.

I urge everyone to reuse, recycle and reduce.....particularly reduce the use of fertilizers as it is really hurting the Chesapeake Bay.    Let's all garden with a conscience and be passionate about being true Stewards of this land.

I will continue to share updates on the Fiesta Gardens Community Garden Plots.I can taste these peppers and tomato's in a salad now........mmmmmmmmmmm......gooooood!!!

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