Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I miss you Momma and I Thank you Dadda for just being here.  There is nothing like a Mother's love and once the physical person is no longer on this is just not the same.  If I get nothing else accomplished today, I will plant marigolds, celosia and portulaca, as you did when we were children, to brighten our summer days.  Summer time always meant that we simply had more time to spend with you - lazing away, cooking out at lunchtime and liverwurst sandwiches.   Your hugs, the fly swatter and your understanding of each of us one else will ever replace you in our lives......we were and still try to be The Happy Bunch....even in your physical absence.... 

She is still with us today in spirit and guides our steps as she did when she was here in the physical sense........Happy Mother's Day Momma!
I MISS YOU SO.......

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